Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saving life with 12 rules

1) Sorry for taking long time to write blog. I am too busy with work during my previous job in electronic company before this. Now I have start with fresh spirit, certainly with new company which is more chalenging yet interesting enough that makes me hunger for more knowledge. I will tell later where I am and with whom I worked but now, let us see this good concept by SHELL HSE bringing 12 Life Saving Rules into action. It has effectively started on 1st July 2009 and has been cascaded through organization and contractors organization.
2) The blue symbol represent mandatory compliance. If found breach of rules, the employee or company or contractor will be banned from entering site. For the red symbol represent prohibition. This concept has also being embedded in Orientation and Induction Training to stress out the importance of compliance on 12 areas mentioned in the picture.
3) Please check symbol no. 6. The symbol explanation is to wear safety harness when working at height at 1.8 meter and above. Yes, 1.8 meter and above, much more stricter than current National Standard at 2.0 meter.
4) Look at symbol No. 8. You can see the prohibition of smoking but not all areas inside the premise are prohibited to smoke but actually there are designated areas for smoking inside Oil and Gas premise which has been assessed from safety perspective.
5) For symbol no.3 , verify isolation before work begin with the use of LOTO. LOTO stands for Lock Out Tag Out or some organization called it Lock, Tag and Try. Just I am not sure specifically life protecting equipment refers to what? Is it PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)? I'll find out later.
6) Confine space and gas test are like "pepatah melayu ; Bagai aur dengan tebing ". Haha. I don't know how it should be translated in English. Maybe " Like the River and The Bank, Cannot Be Separated " Haha. Ok..back to our main discussion. Confine Space is very critical area that it should not be taken lightly. Many lives has been the victims of confine space whether suffocation, poisoned, asphyxiation and some of the story involved explosion in confine space. Therefore, confine space training should be given to the employee. NIOSH malaysia offered AESP (Authorised Entrant and Standby Person) competency training for work involving confine space. I will elaborate more details on Confine Space in my future post.
7) This is good concept to address to all workers and should be explained in daily toolbox meeting in local language to make sure the general workers undertand what is the 12 Life Saving Rules.

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